Wednesday, January 24, 2018

BCS Weather Policy

Reminder of the BCS weather policy. Whenever possible, it is our goal to make a weather decision by 6 a.m. to give families a chance to make plans. School delays and cancellations are always difficult because there are so many different circumstances (for example: snow amount, wind conditions, temperature, timing of the weather event, etc.) when making a decision. We also understand that we have students from all over the area and in all school districts; some travel half an hour, some a half mile. Please remember that parents always have the right to keep their student(s) at home, even if school is open that day. Also, we will utilize School Messenger as our main communication method for delays and cancellations, as well as, the local television and radio stations.
BCS will continue to utilize eLearning during the 2017-18 school year. However, due to the interruption eLearning can cause your family, we plan to avoid back-to-back eLearning days. In the event of back-to-back cancellations, BCS plans to make-up the second cancellation day during the week of May 25June 1. These days are reserved on the school calendar as potential weather make-up days.