Friday, December 15, 2017

Elementary Computer and Internet Use

Computer and Internet Policy

Internet access is available to students for educational purposes throughout the school day. Our goal for Internet use at Blackhawk Christian School is that students have access to rich educational opportunities while ensuring that students are protected from negative influences in keeping with CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act.)

On the Internet, students and staff may participate in activities that support learning and teaching. Internet use must be education driven. With access to other networks around the world, information may be encountered that is not appropriate. BCS has taken measures to prevent accessing inappropriate information; however, we cannot control all the information available on the Internet. We must trust students and staff to use discretion in seeking appropriate information. The following guidelines are intended to help students use the Internet wisely. If a student does not adhere to these policies, the privilege of using the Internet will be withdrawn.


  1. Search for appropriate research material with Internet Search Engines, Directory Searches, and access the sites on the BCS Bookmark Home Page
  2. Print out a reasonable length document (1-8 pgs.)


  1. Access non-BCS issued E-mail, chat rooms, news groups, Listservs, or password protected areas for which they have not been given a password
  2. Install programs or alter the browser or operating system in any way
    1. Delete files
    2.  Give out personal information such as address or phone number (theirs or others)
    3. Attempt to spread computer viruses or cause other system problems locally or on the Net