Friday, August 18, 2017

Middle School Faculty

Linda Pearson
Lead Administrator
ME–Indiana Wesleyan
PLP-Indiana Wesleyan
Linda enjoys reading, sewing & spending time with family & friends
Mark Harmon
Middle/High School Principal
BA-Bethel College
MA-Indiana Wesleyan University
Principal Licensure Program -Indiana Wesleyan University
Mark enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, watching sports, reading about education and politics.
Deb Graf
Assistant Principal for Middle School, Director of Guidance
Deb enjoys snorkeling, sailing and being with family
Jeff Kowatch
Director of Academic Services
MA-University of Southern California
Jeff enjoys time with family, NASCAR & reading anything by John Piper
Joel Cotton
Athletic Director
BS-Indiana University
Joel enjoys spending time with family and friends and all things related to sports.
Marc Davidson
PE, Health and Wellness, and Assistant Athletic Director
BS-Trinity International University
Enjoys spending time with my family, anything related to basketball, & powerlifting
Stephanie Gongaware
PE and Health
Joel Guthrie
Science 7 and Science 8
MA-Indiana University
Joel enjoys playing board games with friends & family, gardening & outdoor sports
Matt Harmon
Math 7
BS-Indiana Wesleyan
Matt enjoys sports and spending time with family and friends
Rich Luedeke
Vocal Music
Rich’s hobbies are paper arts, reading, board gaming & theatre
Paul McIntosh
Geography, US History, Careers 8
BA-Cedarville University
Paul enjoys triathlons, running & reading
Darren McKown
Bible 8 and Middle School Instrumental Music
Enjoys board games, bowling, golf, singing, acting, movies, football, softball & reading
Brock Orlowski
Bible 7
BS-Kuyper College
Brock enjoys Hobbies: Camping, playing basketball and tennis, and lake skiing.
Carrie Roberts
Language Arts 7
MA-Indiana Wesley University
Enjoys singing, backpacking, gardening and nutrition.
Jessie Smith
Middle School Art
BA-Southern Illinois University
Enjoys anything art-related.
Molly Steffen
Bible 8 and Language Arts 8
Molly enjoys reading, running, and quietly contemplating life, truth, and God (preferably out of doors).
Paul Suvar
Digital Citizenship
BS-Ohio State University
MA – Western Governors University
Paul enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, all things athletic, working with young people, and attempting to fix things around the house.
Teena Holloway
Registered Nurse
BSN-Marion College
Enjoys cooking, reading & spending time with family
Becky Corbitt
Financial Secretary
Becky enjoys reading
Marge Mead
Middle/High School Administrative Assistant
Marge enjoys reading & spending time with her family
Mimi Hicks
Middle/High School Administrative Assistant
Mimi enjoys thrift store treasure hunting, traveling, attending my children’s sporting events, and volunteering.
Joe Rich
IT Director
MS-Indiana University
Joe enjoys making science equipment & playing with computers.
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