Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Early Childhood Faculty

Linda Pearson
Lead Administrator
ME–Indiana Wesleyan
PLP-Indiana Wesleyan
Linda enjoys reading, sewing & spending time with family & friends
Laurie Bland
Director Early Childhood
Laurie enjoys spending time with family and friends, making jewelry and traveling.
Lori Kutz
Administrative Assistant
Lori enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with friends & family.
Alexa Balsiger
Lead Teacher – Kindergarten Readiness and PreK
BS – Huntington University
Alexa’s hobbies include reading and fishing. She also enjoys spending time with family, vacationing and entertaining people.
Susan Bentz
Lead Teacher – Beginners
BS – Indiana University
Walking, reading, antiquing and spending time with family are all things that Susan enjoys.
Jennifer Bradtmiller
Teaching Assistant
Jennifer enjoys reading, crafting, gardening, camping, Bible studies and spending time with family.
Nakia Burnett
Lead Teacher – Beginners
Interests of Nakia include music, dance and spending time with her family.
Marcia Campbell
Teaching Assistant
Marcia loves dogs, children and her husband, and she participates in bicycling.
Danielle Dammeyer
Teaching Assistant
BS – Grace College
Danielle loves to read and spend time with her husband. She is a huge dog-lover and also loves studying the Bible and theology.
Lisa Davidson
Teaching Assistant – Extended Care
BA – University of Illinois
Lisa is the biggest fan for her husband and kids as she sits in the stands watching their games. She also loves to cook and bake. One day, she hopes to take up quilting.
Roberta Deal
Lead Teacher – Extended Care and After School Care
BA – Michigan State University
Roberta enjoys camping, taking walks, reading and cooking for her family.
Danielle Faurote
Teaching Assistant – Extended Care
Danielle loves exercise–especially running—sewing and spending time with her family.
Deanna Foust
Lead Teacher – Extended Care & Before School Care
BS – Great Lakes
Enjoys playing Legos with her boys, taking pictures of everything, scrap booking and singing!
Madison Freeman
Lead Teacher – Kindergarten Readiness
BS – Taylor University
Madison has an interest in music, sewing, soccer, painting and Target.
Alyssa Greenwalt
Lead Teacher – Kindergarten Readiness
Alyssa enjoys being with family, cooking, and exercising.
Shenora Lechleidner
Teaching Assistant – Extended Care and After School Care
BS – Liberty University
Spending time with family, serving at Lifebridge Church and experiencing different cultures are all things that Shenora enjoys.
Angie Marquardt
Teaching Assistant
Interests of Angie include music, playing the piano, Destiny Rescue and anything creative.
Melissa Pearson

Teaching Assistant
BS – Ball State University
Melissa enjoys crafts, home décor, baking, her kiddos, health/exercise topics, creating, being outside, church and Bible study.

Angela Perlich

Lead Teacher – Kindergarten Readiness
Angie enjoys reading, cooking and spending time with her family.

Carrie Robinson

Teaching Assistant
C – IPFWCarrie enjoys spending time with family, hiking, waterfalls, nature, photography and doing portrait photography for others.

Davina Rumple
Teaching Assistant
BS – Indiana Wesleyan
Davina enjoys visiting U.S. National Parks, cheering for her 3 kids at their sports activities, playing/walking her 3 year-old Shih Tzu dog and reading.
Allyson Schutt
Lead Teacher – Kindergarten Readiness
BA – Calvin College Grand Rapids
Allyson enjoys running, being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.
Courtney Smeltzer

Teaching Assistant
BA – Taylor University
Courtney loves coffee, music, the color green and spending time with family and friends.

Abby Treesh

Lead Teacher – Early Learners
BA – Taylor UniversityAbby enjoys fitness and nutrition, strength training and crazy intense workouts, time with family, travel to the Jersey Shore and making cross stitch ornaments with her sons.

DeeDee Whitney
Teaching Assistant
Diploma – Parkview School of Nursing
DeeDee enjoys reading a good book and has a particular interest in Australian Shepherd dogs.
Teena Holloway
Registered Nurse
BSN-Marion College
Enjoys cooking, reading & spending time with family.
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