Friday, December 15, 2017

School Choice (Voucher)

Blackhawk Christian School participates in the School Choice program for the State of Indiana that is commonly known as the voucher program for grades K-12. This program provides scholarships (vouchers) to eligible K-12 students by utilizing a portion of the state funds allocated for that child to follow them to the non-public school of their choice.

To be eligible, a student must satisfy these initial requirements:

– Be a resident of the State of Indiana
– Be accepted for enrollment into an eligible school (BCS is an eligible school)
– Be between the ages of 5 and 22 no later than August 1 of the school year.
– Live in a household below the income limits listed in the following chart:


Amounts for the 2018-2019 School Year

will be released

by the Indiana Department of Education

on or before February 1, 2018. 

Listed Below is information from the 2017-2018 School Year.

Adjusted Gross Income Limit for
Full Voucher
Income Limit
for Partial Voucher
2 $30,044 $45,066
3 $37,777 $56,666
4 $45,510 $68,265  
5 $53,243 $79,865  
6 $60,976 $91,464  
7 $68,709 $103,064  
8 $76,442 $114,663  

After satisfying the initial requirements above, following are the seven different pathways that a student can satisfy to become eligible to participate in the Choice Scholarship Program:

  1. Continuing Choice Scholarship Student Pathway
  2. Previous Choice Scholarship Student Pathway
  3. Previous Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) Award Pathway
  4. Special Education Pathway
  5. “F” Public School Pathway
  6. Two-Semesters in Public School Pathway
  7. Sibling Pathway

The value of the Choice Scholarship is the lesser of the two amounts:

  1. Tuition and fees at the eligible school;
  2. The amount listed below by school district where you live, as determined by the income limits by household size listed above.
School District Full Voucher Partial Voucher  
East Allen $5,420 $3,011  
FWCS $5,802 $3,223  
Southwest Allen $4,815 $2,675  
Northwest Allen $4,797 $2,665  

School Choice Application Window and Lottery: January 4, 2018 – March 2, 2018

Lottery (if needed): March 20, 2018 – 10:00 AM – North Campus Conference Room

If BCS were to receive a number of Choice Scholarship applicants that exceeds the possible number of Choice Scholarship places that BCS can successfully accommodate, then BCS would conduct a random lottery drawing of eligible Choice Scholarship Students who meet admission standards for BCS at a public meeting.  This drawing would be subject to the following priority admission order:

  1. Currently enrolled students – during reenrollment window only
  2. New students of BCS/BM Employees
  3. Siblings of currently enrolled “full paying” students
  4. Siblings of currently enrolled “tuition assistance” students (including SGO/Voucher)
  5. BCS Alumni: “full paying” student
  6. BCS Alumni: “tuition assistance” students (including SGO/Voucher)
  7. New to BCS family: “full paying” students with siblings
  8. New to BCS family: “full paying” student
  9. New to BCS family: “tuition assistance” students with siblings (including SGO/Voucher)
  10. New to BCS family: “tuition assistance” student (including SGO/Voucher)

For additional information or to schedule a tour contact:
Laura Leichty, Admissions Director (260)493-7400 x 326

For general information about the voucher program visit: