Friday, December 15, 2017

National Honor Society

Blackhawk Christian juniors and seniors are eligible for election to the Timothy Chaper of the National Honor Society by meeting the scholastic, character, leadership, and service qualifications. 





  1. Students must have attended at least the equivalent of one semester at BCS.
  2. A student must be a member of the Junior or Senior Class.
  3. Only students who  have an 88% Cumulative Percentage Grade Average (PGA) will be eligible.


Selection Process:

  • Students who have a PGA of 88% are notified of their scholastic eligibility.
  • After the scholastic notification students may submit Student Activity Information Form.   Students must submit supporting documents from two sources (one being a BCS teacher) in each of the three categories: SERVICE, LEADERSHIP, and CHARACTER. 
  • Faculty Council reviews all submitted documents.  A majority vote of the Faculty Council approves each eligible candidate. 
  • Faculty Council composes a written summary of documentation for each candidate. 
  • The Faculty Council’s list of candidates is submitted to entire faculty for input. 
  • Candidates are notified of their acceptance or non-selection to the NHS. 

Selection process usually occurs in March-April with the NHS Induction Ceremony held in late April or early May.