Friday, December 15, 2017

Student Council

“I have really enjoyed the opportunity to associate with a different group students as we lead together. Student Council has helped me grow in the area of leadership because it is a vastly different type of leadership than what I am used to with sports. One of the biggest things I have learned from student government is how to listen to and rely on others.”
Reid – Student Body President

Student Council consists of the Student Body President, the Student Body Vice-President, and the class officers in each of grades 8-12. The Student Council is under the supervision of Faculty Advisor, Nathan Hyde. The activities and responsibilities of the Student Council consist of:        

  • Regular, at least monthly, meetings of class officers under the direction of the Student Body President and the supervision of the Faculty Advisor(s)
  • Address issues that relate to student life: offering suggestions and recommendations to school administration.
  • Sponsor endeavors to implement ministry and service opportunities in which the student body may participate.
  • Plan and oversee Homecoming festivities.
  • Lead the class in planning activities (i.e. class activities, dress down day, fundraisers, the banquet, senior trip, etc.)
  • Communicate information from Student Council to classmates.
  • Motivate classmates to participate in all activities.

 Elections for the offices of Student Body President and Vice-President are conducted in the spring before school is dismissed for the summer. Any junior or senior student may hold either of these two offices after having been a student at BCS for at least one full semester. Student body

 Officers must maintain academic eligibility. Class officers include the following positions and responsibilities:

  •  President
    • Conduct class meetings
    • Represent class at student council meetings
  • Vice-President
    • Assist the president in whatever capacity needed
    • Represent class at student council meetings
  • Secretary/Treasurer
    • Record notes of class meetings and maintain records
    • Collect money brought in to homeroom/class
    • Be responsible to make deposits with Financial Secretary in HS Office
  •    Spirit Representative
    • Support Blackhawk teams by attending sporting events—specifically those containing classmates in grade
    •  Motivate and encourage classmates to attend sporting events, participate in class   competitions, and generally promote unity within the class and school.

 Elections for class officers for the following year are conducted in the spring before school is dismissed for the summer. Class officers must have been a BCS student for at least one semester.