Dress Code Change

As trends and availability of types of clothing change, we do our best to work with students and families to adjust our
standards while maintaining those three key points. In light of that, we have asked our school
board to approve a few updates to allow for parents and students to more easily dress for
school. The board has approved our recommendations. Therefore, beginning on October 27th
(upon return from fall break), the following changes will be made to the BCS Appearance Code:
· “Shorts that are shorter than fingertip length” will now be the language used to describe
shorts that are too short. They will no longer be required to reach the top of the
knee. This change applies to both male and female students. Shorts that are clearly designed to be athletic shorts are still prohibited. This change does not apply to dresses and
skirts. Those will still need to reach the top of the knee unless leggings are worn underneath.
· “Clothing that has rips, tears, or holes that exposes skin above the knee” is now the language used to describe pants that are not allowed. Previously skin could not be exposed
anywhere underneath pants. Now skin can be exposed at the knee and below. Skin
above the knee will still need to be covered.