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Caitlin Scheidt

Hey, my name is Caitlin Scheidt! I am from Atlanta, Georgia and just moved here in July with my husband Jacob. I had been teaching for two years at a public school in the fourth grade. I am very excited to start this new chapter of life in Fort Wayne and at Blackhawk Christian. So far, I love it here and feel very comfortable! I am definitely nervous for the cold winters, but excited to see what a good snow looks like. 
I already miss my family in Georgia. I have a family of 6 and they are all still in there! I was blessed to have a family filled with best friends. I have a sister, Becky who is almost 27, a little sister, Michelle who is 22, and a little brother, James who is 20, and of course my mom and dad and the two dogs!
My husband and I have begun attending The Chapel for church and have really enjoyed our time there. We look forward to many more ways of becoming involved in this community.