Homeschool Partners

Homeschoolers at Blackhawk Christian School

Blackhawk Christian School believes that parents are their children’s primary teachers. For this reason, it is natural for us to partner with homeschooling parents to offer support to their child’s education program. Blackhawk Christian’s Partnering Students program offers part-time enrollment to area homeschoolers.

While all courses are offered dependent upon enrollment, homeschoolers most often select:
  • Fine Arts: Band, Choir, Art.
  • Lab Sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • Advanced Placement (AP): Biology, Calculus and U.S. History.
  • Dual Credit Courses (both high school and college credit – extra tuition required): Biblical Studies, Biology, Calculus, English Literature, English Composition, Leadership and U.S. History.
  • On-Line Courses as available to Blackhawk Christian students (Contact us for information.)
  • Campus Style courses (meeting two days per week for extended time with more independent expectation). Courses scheduled Campus Style currently include: Personal Finance (a one-semester course teaching a Biblical perspective on how to manage income, expenses, assets and liabilities) and Professional Career Internship (experience in a career field accomplished via attendance at a prescribed location and a weekly relative learning class) with additional courses pending course enrollment. (Contact us with specific interest.)

School Life Participation

Partnering Students are welcomed to participate in the following Blackhawk Christian Student Life activities: weekly chapel, student clubs, drama productions, limited junior high athletic participation (high school athletics require full-time enrollment per IHSAA rules), course field trips as scheduled and free admission to all student evening events (athletics and the arts).

Enrollment and Tuition

The partnering students program is available to students in grades 7th – 12th and 5th/6th grade band as approved by administration.  Students are permitted to take up to two classes per semester.  More than two classes is considered full-time requiring full tuition.  Tuition is calculated as follows: full-time tuition divided by 6 (full-time course load) and multiplied by the number of class periods requested.  (e.g., 2 classes = 2/6 tuition)