We believe that learning is a life long process and that the early years before a child enters first grade can be the most fruitful for building a proper foundation.
Our primary curriculum is designed to provide each child with a distinctly Christian worldview that supports strong thinking skills. Starting in first grade, our coordinated curriculum encompasses not only the fundamental subjects taught at most schools, but also incorporates an age-appropriate level of Bible. We focus on the added dimensions that we consider essential to a fulfilled life: the reality of the love of God, discipline, and respect for authority and patriotism.
Graded programs are taught in language arts (reading, writing, spelling), English, math, history, science, art, library, music, and physical education.

BCS Grading Scale:

93%-100% – A
90%-92% – A-
87%-89% – B+
83%-86% – B
80%-82% – B-
77%-79% – C+
73%-76% – C
70%-72% – C-
67%-69% – D+
63%-66% – D
60%-62% – D-
0%-59% – F