Athletic Update

Fall Sports Pictures
Pictures for high school fall sports teams will be this Thursday. Picture forms can be picked up from coaches or from the high school office. Forms should be sent with the athletes on Thursday. You can also order online at
Senior Athletic Banners
If you are interested in ordering Senior Banners, you can do so through Varsity Photo. They sell a 2ft. x 4ft. banner for $48 and you can simply order this on your photo order for Thursday. The decision to order senior banners is each student's decision and students are welcome to use a different source to order these if they would like. Each sport usually decides to use the same source so that the banners look similar for that sport. Expenses for banners are not covered by the athletic department.
Fans at Fall Athletic Events
Per IHSAA guidance, there are no fans allowed at team events before Aug. 15. We are currently working with other area schools and the Allen County Department of Health in developing a plan for having fans at athletic events. We are hoping that we will be able to have fans, but nothing has been approved at this time. We hope to release our school plan next week for fans at games and ticketing information.
Fall Sports Team Meetings
 We will not have a combined Fall Sports Information night this year. Teams will be having individual parent meetings once practices have begun. Dates and times for these meetings will be determined by the coaches and announced during the first week of practice.
Please fill out the form below to sign up for middle school fall sports.
Intermediate and Middle School Start Dates
Boys and Girls Cross Country (5th-8th grades, Monday, August 10th)
Girls Volleyball (7th-8th grades - Week of August 10th, 6th grade - Week of August 17th)
Required Paperwork for BCS Athletes Grades 5-8
Each student will need to turn in the following items before participating in their sport. A new sports physical will be required only if the answer is "Yes" to any item on the Health History form OR if the student did not turn in a sports physical to the office last school year. Please ensure that all items below are turned in to the High School office.
High School Fall Sports Start Dates
GRADES (9-12)
Girls golf - Tuesday, August 4th 3:30pm Practice at Arlington Golf Course. 
Coach Brad Taylor -
Boys and girls cross country -Monday, Aug. 3rd 3:45pm Practice at Shoaff Park
Coach Steve Connelly
Girls soccer - Monday, Aug. 3rd (BCS practice field) 8:00am Practice
Coach Tim Kintz -
Boys soccer - Monday, Aug. 3rd (BCS practice field) 8:00am Practice
Boys tennis - Monday, Aug. 3rd (Kreager Park courts) 3:30pm Practice
Coach Mark Richard -
Volleyball - Monday, Aug. 3rd (BCS HS gym) 6:15am Practice
Coach Anne Boyer -
 If you have not attended any summer workouts and are interested in participating in a fall sport, please email the coaches above so that they can communicate with you any necessary information. In order to practice with a team beginning on Monday, August 3rd, all student-athletes must have ALL of the required paperwork turned in to the HS office. If you have missing forms and cannot turn them in this week, please bring your forms with you to the first practice. Once everything has been turned in to the office, a clearance card for the athlete will be given to the coach of that sport showing that the athlete is cleared to participate in practice for their sport. Forms can be accessed at the link above.
 Fall Sport Schedules Available
Please visit the link below to access fall sport contest and practice schedules. Practice schedules will be updated more as information becomes available.
Schedules are all subject to change. If you would like to receive the latest information and updates regarding specific teams at BCS, you are encouraged to sign up for an Eventlink account. Please read the instructions below on how to create an account in Eventlink.
Thursday, August 6th
High School Fall Sports Photo Day 2-4:30pm (Forms will be distributed early next week)



  • As you read through the following recommendations, please keep in mind that the Indiana Department of Education, Indiana High School Athletic Association, Allen County Department of Health or the Governor of Indiana could change our plans as we continue to learn more about COVID-19. We will continue to prioritize safety while we also look forward to the opportunities of getting to work with our student-athletes again. It is imperative that we work as a TEAM for the benefit of everyone involved. We know that some people are very concerned about COVID-19 and others may feel like it is time to return to normal.  We understand that no matter how many precautions we take, there is an inherent risk in picking up the virus. We are trying to minimize that risk for everyone by taking the latest recommendations from state and local health professionals as well as guidance from our state governing bodies. We certainly want to help prevent the spread of this disease and other communicable diseases that might jeopardize the health of those involved and their close contacts.
  • Athletes should bring all their forms with them prior to attending team workout sessions.
  • If the student answers “Yes” to any of the questions on the Health History form, then that student would be required to get an updated sports physical before they begin official practice with their team this fall. This includes any athlete that may have sustained a concussion during the 2019-20 school year.


  • This is the latest information from the Allen County Department of Health on Covid-19 exposure or infection of athletes/coaches. Individuals that test postive will generally be looking at a 14-day self-isolation period. Close contacts of the positive individual have to quarantine for 14 days from the last exposure to the COVID-19 individual. Close contacts may include groups of teammates and coaches that had close exposure (within 6ft.) with that individual.
  • Coaches will take attendance at every session. By attending, athletes must be able to answer “No” to all of the BCS COVID-19 symptom checklist questions.
Do you have a fever (greater than 100 degrees)?
Do you have a cough?
Do you have a sore throat?
Do you have shortness of breath?
Have you tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days?
Have you been in close contact with or cared for someone with COVID-19?
*If an athlete answers “Yes” to any of these checklist questions, they should not attend any session that day. They should also contact their coach to let them know the reason that they are not attending so that it can be documented.
  • Each Student is limited to 15 hours per week on site through July 18. This can be increased starting July 20. The current official practice start date for HS fall sports is Monday, Aug. 3rd.
  • Practice sessions are open for essential personnel and participants only until at least August 15th. No parents or spectators should be present.
  • No locker rooms will be used until the official start of HS fall sports on Aug. 3rd. Athletes should report to practice dressed and ready for practice and bring all personal items in one bag if possible.
  • Students are expected to shower at home and wash all workout clothing immediately after they return home.
  • Students should bring their own personal gear and equipment for practice. No shared water bottles, clothing, towels, shoes, etc.
  • Students are not required to wear a mask during practice sessions. However, they should bring a mask with them to practice to wear in a situation where social distancing cannot be achieved. (For example, Students will need to wear a mask while in the athletic training room and on vans)
  • Shared equipment will be cleaned at the conclusion of each workout session. Coaches will have hand sanitizer available for all practice sessions.
  • Coaches will encourage social distancing whenever possible in workout sessions. Assigned groups and/or seating is encouraged to help with contact tracing of a positive COVID-19 case.
BCS students that turned in physical paperwork for the 2019-20 year will have that physical on file now for 2020-21. Parents are more than welcome to get an updated physical for their athlete if they wish. Any athlete with serious health issues or concerns is encouraged to get an updated physical for 2020-21. As mentioned above, if the answer is “Yes” to any of the questions on the Health History form, that athlete will be required to obtain an updated physical before the start of their fall sports season on Aug. 3rd.
Girls golf
Coach Brad Taylor –
Girls and Boys cross country 
Coach Steve Connelly
Girls soccer
Coach Tim Kintz –
Boys soccer
Coach Sam Meyer –
Boys tennis
Coach Mark Richard –
Coach Anne Boyer –