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 “Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” 2 Corinthians 9:15
Whatever gifts we give each other, none comes close to the gift God gave us on the first Christmas Day some 2,000+ years ago—the gift of his Son, the Lord Jesus. It’s a gift too wonderful for words.
God’s gift to us is the most costly gift ever. It’s the gift not only of the birth but also of the death of his Son, our Lord Jesus. It’s a gift we don’t own, because we belong to him, and we can’t keep this gift for ourselves. Most important, Jesus is the gift that each one of us needs desperately. Without him there is no hope, no life, no future.
Preparing Hearts and Minds to Serve Christ
Our mission is achieved in a learning environment characterized by these principles:
Academic Excellence – employing educational practices, methods, technology and tools that exceed state and national standards; empowering students to reach their full potential and prepare them for their educational and vocational future.
Biblical Foundation – utilizing curriculum and instruction that recognizes that all truth and knowledge is rooted in God’s divinely inspired Word and that imparts a Biblical worldview to students so they see themselves, others, and their world through Christ’s eyes.
Christ Centered Community – providing a relationally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and morally safe environment, led by administrators, staff, and teachers, who in partnership with parents, model Christ and serve as examples for students to develop Christ-centered lives.

News & Announcements

2 Hour Delay! Featured Photo

2 Hour Delay!

BCS will have a 2 hour delay on Wednesday. School will begin at 10:00am for all schools!
Tree Dedication for Miss Happy Walts Featured Photo

Tree Dedication for Miss Happy Walts

At 1:30 on Friday, December 9, we will dedicate the planting of a tree to Happy Walts. Parents and alumni are welcome to come to the school and watch the dedication outside of Door #3 on the southwest side of our property. The dedication will not be elaborate or fancy. Happy loved trees, and we hope to honor her memory and legacy by planting a tree that she would have enjoyed. The event should last approximately ten minutes
Tree Dedication for Coach Marc Davidson Featured Photo

Tree Dedication for Coach Marc Davidson

At 12:30pm on Friday December 9, 2022 we will plant a tree in memory of Coach Marc Davidson. Parents and Alumni are welcome to come to the school and watch the dedication. Please join us outside door #11 on the south end of the Primary School parking lot. Weather permitting, we intend to bring the entire Primary School outside to witness the tree planting. We do not anticipate that the event will be long, but we are excited to honor Coach Davidson's legacy of a life lived in faithful obedience to the Lord.

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