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Give to BCS Overview

Financing Christian education is an ongoing lifetime commitment, with one generation investing in the next.  We believe that Christian education is a partnership with Christian parents and the greater Christian community.  To sustain Blackhawk Christian School each year, we need ongoing support from our whole community: parents, grandparents, alumni, churches, and friends. It takes an investment from the whole Christian community to provide the financial resources for a Christian education. Tuition alone has never covered the full cost of an education at Blackhawk Christian, and the cost of maintaining our facilities has never been included in tuition.

Blackhawk Christian School has been blessed with strong financial support from both Blackhawk Ministries AND the greater Christian community for the past 50 years. These resources help provide an excellent Christian education, preparing students to live for and impact our world for Jesus Christ.

There are a variety of ways in which you can invest in Christian education at Blackhawk Christian School. Read more about each of these ways by selecting one of the following links.