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We are no longer accepting new applications for this school year but will resume taking applications in February, 2023.
  • Read ADMISSIONS: Philosophy, Expectations, Policies
  • Read and sign Parent Policies and Expectations/Student Policies and Expectations (prepare to discuss at Principal Interview)
  • Application Fee ($50 per student)
  • Pastor’s Reference: From head, youth or associate pastor – must be scanned directly to school at [email protected]
  • Custody Documentation, IEP, 504, etc., if applicable 
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • A Current Report Card (Homeschool Applicants: Contact the Admissions Department for instructions on reporting academics)
  • All standardized test scores: ILEARN, NWEA, or any nationally normed standardized results

Kindergarten Enrollment / Lottery Priorities / Acceptance:


Application must include all of the pieces noted above.  Once the completed application is received, students will go into the following priority list:

  1. Children of BCS/BM Employees
  2. Siblings of current K-12 BCS Students
  3. Children of BCS Alumni
  4. Preschool Academy KR Students
  5. Students selected from the lottery – eligible for interview

1st-12th Acceptance / Enrollment / Lottery Priorities:

  1. Currently enrolled students
  2. New students of BCS/BM Employees
  3. Siblings of currently enrolled “full paying” students
  4. Siblings of currently enrolled “Tuition Assistance” students (including SGO/ Voucher)
  5. BCS Alumni: “full paying” student
  6. BCS Alumni: “Tuition Assistance” students (including SGO/Voucher)
  7. New to BCS family: “full paying” students with siblings also enrolling at BCS
  8. New to BCS family: “full paying” student
  9. New to BCS family: “Tuition Assistance” students (including SGO/ Voucher) with siblings also enrolling
  10. New to BCS family: “Tuition Assistance” student (including SGO/Voucher)
Upon Acceptance
  • K-12 Enrollment and Additional Enrollment Documents
  • Enrollment Fee ($100 per student)