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Application Grades K-12

2022-2023 Grades K-12 Enrollment: Timeline & Process


The 2022-23 New Student Online Application process will be available for new/existing families beginning on January 3rd, 2022, ending on March 17th, 2022.  After March 17th applications will still be accepted but will only be considered if there are spots available after all applications taken before March 17th have been processed per the lottery guidelines listed below.  Complete applications received after March 17th will be prioritized in the order they are received.  All of the following must be completed and received before an application is considered complete:

  • Read ADMISSIONS: Philosophy, Expectations, Policies
  • Read and sign Parent Policies and Expectations/Student Policies and Expectations (prepare to discuss at Principal Interview)
  • Application Fee ($50 per student)
  • Pastor’s Reference: From head, youth or associate pastor – must be scanned directly to school at [email protected]
  • Custody Documentation, IEP, 504, etc., if applicable 
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • A Current Report Card (Homeschool Applicants: Contact the Admissions Department for instructions on reporting academics)
  • All standardized test scores: ILEARN, NWEA, or any nationally normed standardized results

Kindergarten Enrollment / Lottery Priorities / Acceptance:


Application must be submitted on or before March 17th, including all of the pieces noted above.  Once the completed application is received, students will go into the following priority list:

  1. Children of BCS/BM Employees
  2. Siblings of current K-12 BCS Students
  3. Children of BCS Alumni
  4. Preschool Academy KR Students
  5. Students selected from the lottery – eligible for interview

1st-12th Acceptance / Enrollment / Lottery Priorities:

  1. Currently enrolled students
  2. New students of BCS/BM Employees
  3. Siblings of currently enrolled “full paying” students
  4. Siblings of currently enrolled “Tuition Assistance” students (including SGO/ Voucher)
  5. BCS Alumni: “full paying” student
  6. BCS Alumni: “Tuition Assistance” students (including SGO/Voucher)
  7. New to BCS family: “full paying” students with siblings also enrolling at BCS
  8. New to BCS family: “full paying” student
  9. New to BCS family: “Tuition Assistance” students (including SGO/ Voucher) with siblings also enrolling
  10. New to BCS family: “Tuition Assistance” student (including SGO/Voucher)

BCS Lottery:


If the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of slots available at a given grade level, a “random selection” lottery will be held on March 24th with the order of priorities listed above. If selected, the applicant will have the opportunity to go through the interview/testing process with each school principal making the final determination on acceptance to BCS.

Upon Acceptance
All of the following must be completed and received before Enrollment is considered complete:
  • K-12 Enrollment and Additional Enrollment Documents
  • Enrollment Fee ($100 per student)