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Mission, Vision, Core Values

Our Mission

Preparing Hearts and Minds to Serve Christ


Our Core Values

Our mission is achieved in a learning environment characterized by these principles:

Academic Excellence – employing educational practices, methods, technology and tools that exceed state and national standards; empowering students to reach their full potential and prepare them for their educational and vocational future.


Biblical Foundation – utilizing curriculum and instruction that recognizes that all truth and knowledge is rooted in God’s divinely inspired Word and that imparts a Biblical worldview to students so they see themselves, others, and their world through Christ’s eyes.


Christ Centered Community – providing a relationally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and morally safe environment, led by administrators, staff, and teachers, who in partnership with parents, model Christ and serve as examples for students to develop Christ-centered lives.


Students working with Chromebooks

Our Vision

Blackhawk Christian School personnel model and students / graduates exemplify the following traits:

  1. Christian Character – committed to Scripture: abiding in Christ, building community, serving others and making disciples.
  2. Core Capabilities – excellent understanding and competency in core subjects.
  3. Critical Thinking – purposeful, reflective judgment in thought, belief, speech and action.
  4. Collaboration – highly cooperative, highly engaged in dialogue and committed to “finding a better way together.”
  5. Creative Problem Solving – the ability to develop and implement innovative solutions to problems and life issues.
  6. Communication – effectively deliver ideas, thoughts, and information to diverse audiences through oral, written, and nonverbal expression.
  7. Continuous Learning – developing a "growth mindset and humble heart": committed to putting forth best efforts, willing to try new things, understanding that mistakes are opportunities to learn.

Gym class

Our Expected Student Outcomes

Blackhawk Christian School students will graduate with skills and traits aligned with the vision and core values of Blackhawk Christian School.

Academic Excellence

  • BCS Graduates are prepared for college and career by demonstrating understanding and competency of standards in core subject areas
  • BCS Graduates demonstrate the ability to develop and implement innovative solutions to problems Biblical Foundation
  • BCS Graduates are committed to abiding in Christ through study of his word personally and in Christian community
  • BCS Graduates own a Biblical worldview through which they use purposeful, reflective judgment in thought, belief, speech, and action Christ-Centered Community
  • BCS Graduates are cooperative and highly engaged in collaboration and dialogue with others
  • BCS Graduates are Christ-like and effective communicators through oral and written expression