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School Nurse

The physical health and welfare of each student is a high priority at Blackhawk Christian School.
Please 1keep your student at home when he/she is ill, for your student’s sake and for the sake of other students. Never send your student to school with a fever or a contagious condition. A student needs to be fever-free (without the use of fever reducing medications) for 24 hours before returning to school.
The school personnel will take care of any student who is ill or injured at school.
Parents will be asked to pick up ill or injured students if they are unable to return to class or have a fever of 100º or more. There may be times that a parent will be asked to pick up a student when his temperature is less than 100º if the student is having other symptoms that indicate he should not be in school.
A sick bed is available for the use of an ailing student, but it is limited to one class period in the high school unless deemed otherwise necessary by the health service personnel.

BCS reserves the right to suggest that a parent or legal guardian seek medical attention for the student if a student is coming to the office repeatedly with similar complaints.

Thank you,

Teena Holloway RN

Middle School/Senior High School . . 260-493-7400 x 6002