STEM Opportunity

Many students expressed interest in competing, so check with your child and encourage them to complete their project if they desire to enter the contest. The deadline to enter the contest is the same day as the launch, so the kids will need to get started sooner than later. Read the information below for all of the details.

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope

#UnfoldTheUniverse Art Challenge

NASA’s biggest and most powerful space telescope ever is launching soon! The James Webb Space Telescope, or Webb, will travel a million miles away to reveal the universe as never seen before. It will look at the first stars and galaxies, study distant planets around other stars, solve mysteries in our solar system and discover what we can’t even imagine.

What do you think we’ll discover when we #UnfoldTheUniverse? Show us what you believe the Webb telescope will reveal by creating art. You can draw, paint, sing, write, dance — the universe is the limit! Share a picture or video of you and your creation with the hashtag #UnfoldTheUniverse for a chance to be featured on NASA’s website, social media channels, and the Webb telescope's historic launch broadcast.

Deadline for Submissions: Dec. 18, 2021