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What a privilege and an honor to  serve at Blackhawk Christian Secondary School since 2011.  For seventeen years prior to coming to BCS, I was deeply involved in social services ministry, which included living in a group home to guide and nurture hurting youth, teaching in an alternative school setting, and working two years as a home-based counselor. The stories I could tell you about my time with these precious youth would truly break your heart.  After a career move later in life, God provided a perfect position for me at Blackhawk Christian School where I currently serve as Director of Guidance for 7th-11th grade, MS Assistant Principal, and the Professional Career Internship Coordinator. It is truly an honor to partner and serve together with BCS Families, while guiding students to discover their God-given calling for life.
My husband, Ed, and I have been adventuring through life together since 1983, enjoying travel and sailing, listening to music, creating delicious meals together, and influencing the lives of our grandchildren. Both our sons, Ryan and Jason, are proud BCS alumni, and BCS holds a very special place in our hearts.  Ryan and Leah live in Chicago, and have two beautiful daughters, Lucy and Molly. Jason and Alyssa live in Fort Wayne and have one delightful son, Cole.  Ed and I are thrilled and have no greater joy than to know our children and their wives know and love Jesus, and are raising our grandchildren to love Him, too.