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Personal Bio

This school year begins my 32nd year of teaching 3rd grade. After teaching three years in Whittier, California, we moved to Fort Wayne and Blackhawk Christian School. 

Although born and raised in Southern California I spent a short stint of my childhood in Indiana. After graduating from high school in Temple City, California, I returned to Indiana to earn a BS in Elementary Education from Grace College.

At Grace I also met my husband of 37 years, and partner in Christian Education, Jeff. Our daughter Hannah and her husband Tony have four children, Shalom, Saj, Moses, and Jubilee. Our daughter Krista is married to Jon and besides their daughter Eden now have a little boy, Noah. Emma, our youngest daughter, has a sweet cat named Moon. 

Iā€™m so thankful God has allowed me the opportunity of teaching here. Besides a passion for teaching, I love old movies, good books, and helping things grow, including children!