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How P.E. relates to our Core Values at BCS

One of our Core Values at BCS is Academic Excellence where we employ educational practices, methods, technology, and tools that exceed state and national standards; empowering students to reach their full potential and prepare them for their educational and vocational future.


Our P.E. classes support the academic endeavors of our students in many ways! We utilize spelling words, math processes, & vocabulary terms/concepts in various lessons, creating a cross-curricular relationship with other subject areas. We also have our own Academic Language, focusing on concepts/terms related specifically to P.E.


Another of our Core Values at BCS is having an established Biblical Foundation. Teachers at BCS utilize curriculum and instruction that recognizes all truth and knowledge is rooted in God’s divinely inspired Word and that imparts a Biblical worldview to students so they see themselves, others, and their world through Christ’s eyes.


Our P.E. program fully acknowledges God as the designer and creator of all things, including us! He has created us in His image and designed us to move and function in the physical realm! Acts 17:28a, “In Him we live and move and have our being.”


We take full advantage of this in P.E. and seek to learn about these bodies of ours and what we can learn about ourselves and our God in the process!

A third of our Core Values at BCS is a Christ Centered Community, where we provide a relationally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and morally safe environment, led by administrators, staff, and teachers, who, in partnership with parents, model Christ and serve as examples for students to develop Christ-centered lives.


Many of our P.E. activities are loaded with potential lessons to learn about life and how to respond to what may happen to each of us. This makes P.E. a perfect opportunity for our students to discover, practice, and adapt to how to live in community with one another. Each class member is an important part of the whole and has valuable input!