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Rebecca Parreno

I was born in New Jersey and raised there and Pennsylvania. I attended Christian schools all growing up. I loved every single second of it, which is why I always wanted to be a teacher. I learned about God and how to have a relationship with him there. I remember many times where my teachers showed how they walked with God. They had a great impact on my life and I hope I can be an example for my students as well. 

I went to Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida because my older sisters went to Huntington and I thought they would never stay in Indiana after they graduated. Well, big surprise, they stayed! After college, I met my husband, Luis, at church. He moved to the United States from Ecuador when he was twelve. Soon after we met, we were married. I started to teach at a Christian school connected with our church. Then we had our three children, Josiah, Samson, and Violet. We wanted our children to grow up around family that loved Jesus and to know their cousins. We started to pray about moving to Indiana. Something we never thought we would do. Every step of the way was the Lord’s doing and we are so thankful he brought us to Indiana and Blackhawk Christian School.