Dawn Balsiger-Kindergarten Teacher at Blackhawk Christian Primary School

My name is Dawn Balsiger.  I teach kindergarten at BCS.  I love my ministry which is working with the youngest braves. It is a blessing to teach them about Jesus daily.  I have a bachelor's degree from Anderson University and a Master's Degree from PFW.  Von Balsiger is my husband and he is self employed as a car auctioneer.  My children are NIckolas Balsiger, Shawna Balsiger, and Alexa Balsiger.  There is no greater joy than having all three children love the Lord.  They all went to Huntington University to major in ministry.  Nick is the Associate Pastor at The Well.   Shawna was the Director of Youth for Christ and is now the Director of Volunteers for Parks and Rec. in Huntington.   Alexa is a Children's Pastor at Central Ministries.  I love to sing, walk, and spend time with my family.  I pray BCS will bless you as much as it has blessed my family.