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Please set up a new account using this link, using school code 524BCSINA.
Once you have added your students, we will assign their teachers before you complete the ordering process.
  • All lunches are $4.00.
  • No drop-in lunches - All lunches must be pre-ordered.
  • We no longer have chef salads, they are dinner salads (smaller size, come with sides and a drink)
  • Papa John's pizzas (for MS/HS only) are no longer available as an entree option, but there will be a limited amount of pizza available for sale at the end of lunch serving for the first and second lunches.
Please note that NO ORDERS OR PAYMENTS will be taken after lunch ordering is closed.
Please contact Kim at [email protected] or 260-493-7400 X6200 if you have any questions regarding the lunch program.