Welcome to the BCS Lunch ordering system

Lunch prices are as follows $3.75/$3.25/$2.75 based on 2019 household adjusted gross income. Pricing will be reflected at the time of ordering.

BCS is moving back to OrgsOnline beginning  November 2020.



Many of you are familiar with OrgsOnline;  however, whether you have ordered through them in the past or not, they are going to need EVERYONE to create a new account since all of our information has been deleted.   If you forget to order by the order date for the month, you won’t miss out on the entire month of lunch, you will only miss the first week of November. The new system will shut down one week at a time. (For example, if you order by October 30, you can still choose lunches from November 9 until the end of the month.)



  1. Login to and Create New Account (under Parent Login)
  2. Fill out the required information, including School Code (524BCSINA)
  3. Click on Manage Family Members and add each student with correct information until all students have been added.

Once these steps are complete, the Lunch Program Managers will complete your registration. We will send an email each month to let you know when the Lunch System is open for ordering.



Any remaining balances on My School Account will be transferred to your OrgsOnline account once it has been set up.


We offer two lunch options for students with allergies. These two lunch options will be available to order each day for any grade, and they will show up on the lunch ordering form as the “Allergy-Free” Salad or Sandwich. We are not able to make any custom changes to the hot lunch or salad options if you do not choose the “Allergy-Free” option. This is because we want to help keep our kids as healthy as possible and avoid any mistakes in ingredients. Both the “Allergy-Free” salad and deli sandwich promise to be soy, dairy, egg, and gluten-free, and as always, our whole kitchen is peanut-free. These lunches will be made separately from the regular hot lunches and salads so we avoid mixing ingredients. Food labels are available to see upon request, and all items have been verified with the school nurse as allergy-free.

All lunches come with one Milk or Water- Extra Milk and Water $0.40

Menus are subject to change, due to availability.

We would love to have more volunteer lunch servers. It’s a one-day-a-week commitment.

For questions or to volunteer:
Kim Kaufman or Alison Elsworth at x6200
[email protected]


All Lunch Orders come with MILK or WATER.
Lunch orders must be paid online at the time of ordering.  Any payment returned due to non-sufficient funds, must be paid directly to BCS prior to placing a lunch order for the following month.