COVID Chapel Plan:
Students in grades 7-11 will attend chapel in the worship center on an alternating week basis. Each class will have a designated area assigned to them.
Students attending will travel to the worship center and sit with their third period classes. Restroom and locker stops will not be permitted on the way to chapel.
Students will be assigned to sit every other seat and next to the same students that they sit next to in class to limit the number of exposures.
Students in grades 7-11 not attending chapel in the worship center will stay in their third period classes with their teacher and watch the livestream.
BCS Middle/High School chapels are designed to be exciting and engaging. Our hope and desire is that every Thursday’s chapel from 10:13 to 10:53 would be the high point of our school week as we worship through prayer, music, media, testimony and primarily THE WORD!
A group of students began praying and planning this past summer. Those students have formed a class that meets daily to plan and pray for each week’s chapel. The intended purpose of chapel is to encourage and strengthen believers and provide unbelievers with the truth of the gospel.