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Intermediate School Grades 2-6

BCS Intermediate (Grades two through six) serves as the link between BCS Primary and BCS Secondary, while continuing the mission to prepare hearts and minds to serve Christ.  Students make an enormous jump physically, spiritually, and socially during their five years at the Intermediate. There are three things that really stand out about BCS Intermediate that students and parents experience.  Our staff is passionate about partnering with you to mentor students in their walk with Christ. You've come to the right place if you want a partner in helping students mature in their knowledge and walk with the Lord.  The second facet that stands out is the rigor that students experience at BCS Intermediate.  It prepares students for a track that readies students for college and career readiness.  Lastly, the learning atmosphere is amazing at BCS.  Students are able to learn in a safe and loving environment that promotes learning. 
BCS Intermediate also offers many opportunities for students beyond the typical classroom experience.  Those opportunities include: STEM Based Curriculum (2-6), Chess Club (3-6), Jack's Club (3-6), Track & Cross Country (5-6), Basketball (6), Soccer (6), Band & Choir (6), and much more.
We hope you'll consider BCS Intermediate for your children!
Doug Pickett