Primary School

Welcome to Blackhawk Christian Primary School.  Our Primary School was intentionally designed to provide our students with a special place of their own to learn about God and their world. It’s an exciting place where students learn, grow, make friends, and develop relationships that will impact them for a lifetime. Kindergarten and first grade are a big, first step into formal schooling and we strive to make it an unforgettable experience. Starting school is not only a major stepping stone for students, but also for their parents and we treasure the opportunity to partner with parents at such a critical time in a child’s life.

We believe that our students are, even at this tender age, developing a framework for interacting and engaging with the world and our desire as a school is to build a firm foundation of faith in God and a love for Jesus Christ. We spend our days challenging and supporting our students, both biblically and academically, and are committed to educating students using developmentally appropriate activities (hands on, movement oriented, multi-sensory, etc.). Using educational best practices we prepare our students for the many years of schooling ahead of them and to become lifelong learners.    

Come visit and see what God might have for your child at Blackhawk Christian Primary School. We’d love to meet you! 


Kimberly Brown