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BCS Boldly Brave Annual Fund

The BCS Annual Fund creates the opportunity for everyone that is a part of the Blackhawk Christian School family to give their support to the mission of BCS:
Preparing Hearts and Minds to Serve Christ.
Our goal is that 100% of the Blackhawk Christian School Community will participate. The BCS Annual Fund represents the most fundamental elements of our school and allows you, the donor, to direct your gift specifically to the fund of your interest. THE ONLY GIFT TOO SMALL IS NO GIFT AT ALL!

Committed to Excellence Fund

The Committed to Excellence Fund enhances curriculum and co-curricular programs where it is needed the most. Your dollars will entrust BCS to further educational opportunities with a goal of equipping students for their futures. A Committed to Excellence gift is the easiest and most trusting way to share your treasure with BCS.


BCS Endowment Fund

The BCS Endowment fund is a permanent life sustaining source of revenue that will benefit the students of BCS for generations to come. Currently, due to the generosity of individuals like yourself, we are more than halfway to our goal of a million dollars. This has happened by the pooling of many small gifts in just a few short years. Giving to the BCS Endowment fund will benefit BCS students and provide a lasting legacy of support.